Why is making friends important

Hello guys today i am talking about the importance of friends.

If you want to know that why friends plays an important role in life then you guys are in right place. We all have that one best friends along with we spend most of time in day. Without friends life is became stuck. If we share our problems to our friends we become relax and pretty much happy along with friends if you believe or not but its a fact that an enemy also plays an important role in our life. We inspire by our friends and learn from our enemy. With an enemy we always try to do better, and he also tries to do better than us. In this process we do more hard work and get good result.

Sometimes the cases will happen like that we can’t able to accept the reality in life, we face a real threat we gust and think and think over it. When we take too much stress at that time it affect our brain it become silent and start working slowly. The friends is the only person which help us in that situation and tried to do his or her best to find out solution, inspires us to don’s loose hope. And if our friends also in trouble we obviously help to them. At same time we joke on each another but at last we are friends, sometimes we fought each other but at last we are friends. The real friend is one who helps us when we are in trouble. It depends on us to live with a good friends or bad friends in our life.

Hope you will understand the meaning and important of friends in our life. At last i want share a short poetry on friend

A friend is one who accept our past,

Gives support in present and,

Encourages the future.

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