Tips about life that can actually work

Hey what’s up guys today i gonna talk about some interesting tips about life that even can really help you to become a successful people so let’s get started!


A life is a difficult race, but we have to always win it by running in a discipline without breaking rules. I want to express my view to you that how much will you try and how much you will keep attempt for your aim, that much half you get. Because when we work half of it already done by other’s and others got success it that and remaining half which we win that is success and that’s a main part of life. If you got lead in our life at that time never get stooped, because ‘when we stooped then others are working and in future when they meet us they became success and we still stooped at that place’.


Sometimes we people are suffered from a very uneven past, like if you are a student and if we got very bad marks in our exam that is our uneven past. Even in present we always think and think about that marks. instead of thinking on that past think how you do hard work and implement it on our present. More people think about your mistakes of past that can affect you mind, if mistakes are done by you, can be possible to resolve it?. No but knowing that some of us just think on it. So get my point and don’t think too much about past mistakes.


I saw some people and students who just stay serious, takes stress about future. But in the planing of the future they forgot to enjoy their present. If our present becomes happy then definitely our future become happy. We should enjoy each and every movement of our life rather it’s our study or and party just enjoy it. By enjoying your’s study the study become much easy for you, get easily understand and remember for long time. It is big advantage to enjoying study. Yet some of us don’s enjoy their own life because of taking stress of future they spoil their present. I just give a small message to all of you don’s think many more about future it happen alright.


Never choose a simpler way to get success in life. Through some shortcuts sometimes we get success but that success not last for more time, it’s a temporary success. And a shortcuts is a way to success which is started from successful work one step but how it changes into a unsuccessful work we doesn’t know. Always gives your first priority to hard work. Because hard work is a key of our success. If the guy has too much talent but he don’t do any hard work for it’s talent then this talent becomes waste, in the same way if someone does too much hard work for getting success but he doesn’t has talent then also his hard work becomes waste. Manage your talent with a hard work so that everyone can able to get success in life.


Some persons belief or not but our image in our society or in school is depends upon our friends. As i told in previous article about why friends takes an important role in our life.If our friend circle is good then people treats us and see us with a good view. On the other hand if we are a good person and and our friend circle is very bad then the point of view to see people towards us  is different. One has to choice a good friend in his life, because by spending the time with our friends we also learn somethings from then if that friends is good in talking then we also learn a good habit of talking with others and if he is very bad in talking to others then some of it also affect to us. Even we also start talking with others with a very bad kind of words. This can totally affect our respect and image in society. With a good friend we always learn something new and innovative and with a bad friend we learn some things but this can be harmful for our image and respect in society.

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    Anand Bhavik

    (December 23, 2017 - 8:42 am)

    Very Nice explanation about life . Such a good tips you have given…


      (December 23, 2017 - 9:28 pm)

      Thanks Anand

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